Ms. Jones is a recording artist. She recorded a skip-counting/multiplication CD & DVD entitled “Kids Multiplication Motivation” with her former students. It contains songs with a hip-hop flavor that children really enjoy. They were featured on CNN Headline News.

Ms. Jones is also a model, actress, and radio announcer. She modeled in a modeling troupe and acted in plays. She became a Radio Announcer with American Radio Network; she hosted and produced her own urban inspirational radio show entitled “The Me & Ms. Jones Show.” She went on to work for them as a Trainer, instructing new radio announcers in broadcasting. She was voted “Radio Announcer of the Week” twice in 2003 and nominated for the 2004 “Radio Announcer of the Year Award” by The Southern California Gospel Announcers Guild.

Ms. Jones has taken the television world by storm! She was the Word on the Street reporter for “Skee Love’s House of Hip-Hop.” She was also the host and producer of her own television variety show entitled “The Me & Ms. Jones Show.” She has interviewed many of the greats including Rick James, Teena Marie, LL Cool J, Brandy, Ruben Studdard, Steve Harvey, AJ, Gabrielle Union, Traci Ellis Ross, Mekhi Phifer, and many more! She has interviewed celebrities on red carpets as well as on these shows.

Ms. Jones is an International Host, emceeing various events in the community and abroad. These events range from fashion shows, award shows, brunches, plays, concerts, comedy events, election campaign fundraisers, and more.

Ms. Jones, “The Beauty of Comedy,” is also a stand-up comedienne, performing on stages around the world. She performed on BET’s comedy reality show, COMING TO THE STAGE, hosted by Bruce Bruce and judged by “Queen Diva Judge” Kim Coles and funnyman Kevin Hart. She competed at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival Spotlight Comedy Competition in which she came in 2nd place! She has shared the stage with Damon Wayans, Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones, OWN’s Kym Whitley, & more! She jokes about many topics including teaching in the ‘hood, relationships, her zany family, and wearing weave… she is an advocate!

Ms. Jones is also a wedding officiant and life coach. She enjoys helping people find love. She is presently writing a book and documentary treatment about relationships.

Ms. Jones is working on a masters degree in journalism and is currently working as a reporter at the Hudson Valley Press. She loves to report on entertainment news or stories in the community and the world. She ultimately sees herself hosting her own nationally syndicated TV talk show and radio show as well as a fun after school or Saturday morning educational show for children.