Great Video Storytelling


Helping Generations of Families Fight Economic Injustice

The news story titled Helping Generations of Families Fight Economic Injustice located at exhibited great storytelling. It is solution-based journalism. Solutions journalism is so important because it focuses on a solution to a problem and how and why it works rather than on the problem itself, it tries to bring awareness that other people can use, it tries to imitate the solution, and it is proactive rather than reactive. I liked this story because it focused on areas that desperately need attention in our communities: poverty, bridging the gap in education, and helping parents. By providing educational opportunities for children and services for their parents like computer access and jobs, Dixon Learning Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is offering an example of how to get families out of poverty.

The newscast was not only inspiring, but was well produced. The b-roll footage showed shots of the city as it was mentioned by Otis Bullock of Diversified Community Services which is a non-profit organization that sponsors early childhood centers like Dixon Learning Academy. It also showed shots of Bullock’s degree when he stated that he was the first in his family to go to college. There was also great natural sound.



This device is helping K-9s stay safe in cars when they become overheated

The news story This device is helping K-9s stay safe in cars when they become overheated located at is also solutions journalism. I like it because is focused on animal welfare and technology. It is about a non-profit organization, K-9s of Valor, that is raising money to donate a system called Hot & Pop to police departments. Hot & Pop is a device that turns on a fan and rolls down windows automatically when the car temperature gets too hot when K-9s stay in police cars by themselves. Officers can also pop open the car door from miles away if they need K-9 assistance. There was plenty of b-roll footage to show the story including shots of the Hot & Pop, the fan, and the door being popped open and the K-9 running out to assist. There was also great sound, including the sound of the fan, horns, dogs barking, and a police car driving.


Cape Coral mother turns in teenage son for stealing

Would you turn your child in to the police? Well, this mom did. The news story Cape Coral mother turns in teenage son for stealing is about a mother who turns in her 13-year-old son for stealing from neighbors hoping it would teach him a lesson. The entire clip has been removed from the News station’s website, but I found this short clip on youtube. The written story is here: The problem is the reporter Shannon Clowe is referencing a house behind her that no one can see. It should have been lit with a background light.


Manos The Hands of Fate

The 1966 low-budget horror movie titled Manos The Hands of Fate located at is about a family that is on vacation that gets lost and accidentally finds a cult. The movie has bad sound and poor lighting. In addition, some of the shots were ridiculously long. From 4:13-4:56 it shows a field while driving. This shot should have been much shorter, like only five seconds. There are also mouths moving with no sound in the scene that starts at 40:23 of the wives talking. The lips are also not perfectly synced with the words either. At 40:45 you can’t even see the woman well with the black smoke blowing in front of her; a fan would have helped blow the smoke away or they should have shot her at a different angle.


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